The things I want my teachers to learn about me as a learner

Comments through the class I visited on 9/26/2008:

–I have difficulty interpreting what is said and remembering –I am a little distracted sometimes –I often have trouble choosing the buy essays online correct words to state the reason –I have an undesirable memory for name-face connection –I need visual, auditory, and touch information to clearly get throughout the point –From when I was little I experienced a speech problem plus it manifests itself in verbal and auditory issues. I can hear everything you say but it can’t be understood by me.

I would really like for my teachers to know it is hard for me to write papers. The time it will take some people x3 may be the time it takes us to write that is not including editing time. All the knowledge I have was not obtained by writing responses but by reading class notes and some associated with textbooks. Writing might be worth focusing on in education and communication yet not at the cost of not learning the right answers to the relevant questions that have been posed so the student must research the answers and also other classes.

Regardless of the fact that when I graduate I will owe > $25,000 in student education loans that have paid for my education, personally i think that which has taught me the absolute most is really what I actually get paid to accomplish … teach. I continue to pump so much money into this university to take classes which, at this stage in my own education, are irrelevant to life not in the classroom. Why do we pay a great deal for irrelevant knowledge?

Response to the video: 1. Sobering, enlightening, revealing, insightful what i would like my teachers to learn about me as a learner 2. to understand that I'm able to think, I have ideas, that I would like to be engaged, I would like to be engaged aided by the topic and issues at hand (this class)|as a learner 2. to know that I can think, I have ideas, that I want to be engaged, I want to be involved with the topic and issues at hand (this class)what I want my teachers to know about me. I wish to contribute, are likely involved, in addressing the issues raised. I wish to be a participant in ideas that result in action and contribute in positive ways. I wish to realize that my entire life has purpose and meaning where my passion and talents can meet needs that are real.

I would like them to know that I am as human since the high acheiving students. And that there are some other factors besides laziness that affects grades.

Class discussions help a lot in keeping me engaged because of the material I work the hardest when my teachers expect a great deal out of me using the material (in a lab or life setting) always helps the material stick, even I appreciate being reminded of why the material is relevant if it’s just talking about a personal anecdote in class.

I learn through the use of the information–not through straight memorization My time is waste that is valuable–don’t

1. I want them to understand the way I learn and to be ready to meet my needs as a learner. I learn best information that is taking and putting it on. Learning by doing 2. As a graduate student I want my professors to keep to create learning that is authentic assessment experiences. I would like to have the ability to use the information and learning products in my career.

1. I would like my teachers to know I try I cannot keep up with items that are needed of me – sometimes my whole system crashes and I also need a “reset. that I'm not a machine and therefore sometimes no matter how hard” 2. I would personally like my teachers to understand in a real-life that I have a life outside of school too and that bare memorizations and no-stop work will not necessarily benefit me.

–I feel much more motivated to master as soon as the professor exhibits passion that is much the subject matter whatever the class size –I also feel motivated when this indicates as though the professor cares about us learning and doing well regardless of how hectic my schedule is. –Technology is a sword that is double-edged.

I would like to have the ability to be able to learn where so when i wish to learn. Free us with this medieval means of learning in lecture halls and furiously taking notes we learn in class or read in class is something we will never be able to access in one form or another because it is no longer the case that what. Podcast some classes so I can listen to them on the weekends, during the night etc. I would like to discover more effectively, but there’s a disconnect b/w all of us.

Even though I attend each of my classes and seem prepared, I never study ahead within my classes and often, if you don't almost always, cram the night before for an examination. I will see the picture that is big but I have difficulty seeing the information that I am always asked to provide during examinations. I hate memorizing. It really is a waste of the time.